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YouPhantasia is a feature segment of the Discovering Your Mind Podcast by Shane's Brain. With YouPhantasia, you can participate and appear on the podcast by recording your answers, insights, and experiences using the recording widget below. We will post different questions or prompts periodically that we want your input on. Read the prompts below and record and submit your response(s). We will review all the submissions and select a few to be featured on the podcast. 

We would love your input on any of the topics below:
• Does visualization play a role in your mental health? In what ways?

• Has learning about aphantasia affected how you communicate with others? In what ways?
• What does the phrase "go to your happy place" mean to you?
• Share your insights and responses to a recent episode or topic.

By recording and submitting, you agree to have your submission possibly appear on the podcast. Your submission may be edited for time or other considerations. If your recording is not selected to appear on the podcast, we will not use or post it anywhere else without your permission. Thanks!

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