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Counter Attack!

The apple wasn’t friendly.

He was rotten to the core.

He grabbed the sweet potato,

And he mashed him on the floor.

The lemon saw it happen,

And it made him really sour –

Tossed apple in the blender there,

And then turned on the power.

And pretty soon the other foods

Were knee-deep in the fray.

I saw the mussels slice the pie!

The chicken ran away!

The chunky stew sat on the rolls.

The eggs? They all got beat!

I’m not too sure who creamed the corn,

But they also creamed the wheat!

The soufflé fell (but it was pushed)!

Tomatoes all got smashed!

The carrot was reduced to shreds!

The grain got really thrashed!

The nuts got crushed! The meat got minced!

The toast was badly burned!

The onions were karate chopped,

But no one seemed concerned!

The kitchen’s now a giant mess

That I will have to clean!

This was, by far, the worst food fight

That I have ever seen!

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