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The Morning Rebellion

I’m startled awake!

My alarm starts to beep!

It’s morning already?

I need some more sleep!

I smack my alarm clock,

Roll over and groan,

“I’m sick of you, morning,

Just leave me alone!”

“That’s it!” shouts the morning,

“I’ve had quite enough!”

Then morning resigns and

Storms off in a huff!

And though we’re not ready,

Although it’s too soon,

The day is now forced

To begin afternoon.

There’s no time for showers!

No time to brush hair!

No dressing for school,

We’re already there!

There’s all types of chaos,

And panic galore,

‘Cause afternoon’s never

Been morning before!

The clocks are all wrong,

But we don’t know what’s right.

If afternoon’s morning,

Then what will be night?

If night’s afternoon,

And if morning’s still gone,

Will there be a tomorrow?

Will life still go on?

Oh morning, I’m sorry!

We all are! It’s true!

We’re sorry for scorning

And badmouthing you!

If you will come back,

I will use my time better!

I’ll wake up all cheerful!

I’ll be a go-getter!


I’m startled awake!

My alarm starts to beep!

It was all just a dream,

So I go back sleep.

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