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A Frog Named Horse

There once was a frog.

His name was Horse.

Which was a rather strange name for a frog. But it wasn't just his name that was different.

He was too.

You see, Horse just wasn't like the other frogs. He didn't like to swim in the swamp. He didn't like to hop around on lily pads.

What he loved the most was running free in the pasture, and eating grass.

The other frogs would point and laugh. "Look at Horse" they would taunt "He thinks he really IS a Horse...boy, he sure is weird."

This made Horse feel sad. "Why couldn't I just be a horse?” he complained "then I could run in the pasture and no one would laugh at me."

One night he looked up in the sky and saw a bright star. He thought to himself, "Hey, I'll give it a whirl." He looked up at the star and said:

"Star here, star there, first star I see up there

Wish I will, I'm not a liar

Grant my wish you ball of fire"

And he made a wish.

And do you know what he wished?

That's right............he wished that he was a horse.


Just like that he turned into a horse


He wasn't like the other horses. He didn't much enjoy running around in the pasture. What he really loved the most was swimming in the swamp with the frogs.


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