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Going Around in Circles

Something strange is happening.

I’ve noticed something odd.

Construction crews descending

on streets that don’t seem flawed.


I wonder, “What is going on?”

But soon figure it out –

Silly me, of course we need

another round-about!


A grid is highly dull and bland –

so boring and outdated!

We all must drive in circles now;

It’s more sophisticated!


A straight line is the quickest way

To get from A to B…

But now we have a pleasant spot

to plant this lovely tree.


A large round hole for plants and such

to beautify the city

It’s got a built-in scenic route!

I sure am glad it’s pretty!


It seems they’ll keep on building them,

of that there’s not much doubt.

And in the end, I-15

will be a round-about!


It’s nice to know our tax dollars

are being spent so well.

To those in charge, please go straight

 (Not round-about) to Hell.

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