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Dead End

I go walking every day

And as I walk I usually stay

Right along the main highway

But today I went a different way

And why I did I cannot say

And as I walked I saw nearby

A big bright sign that caught my eye

And as I read the words that I

Cannot forget although I try

I broke down and began to cry

Awkwardly the scene I fled

Away from what the sign had said

But the words still linger in my head

Although I try I can't forget

The sign, "Dead End" it simply read

No flowers were left near the deceased

No date of birth nor death released

My concerns about all else had ceased

And my love for this dead end increased

They could have given it's name at least

And so I think they should be sued

For putting up a sign so rude

Don't you think it would be crude

If at your grave people viewed

A sign that simply read "dead dude"?

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