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Deadly Homework

It’s obvious that Science

is not my favorite class,

and Mrs. Nogg, my teacher,

doesn’t think that I will pass.


She’s heard all my excuses

about where my homework went.

She won’t believe a thing I say;

Her patience has been spent.


So last night I did my homework,

'cause I didn’t want to fail,

but my chemical experiment

just didn't go too well…


The jar that I had mixed it in

tipped over on Mom’s plants…

they grew some teeth and came alive,

then did a spooky dance.


I tried to think of something…

(They were drooling on the floor!)

So I grabbed them all and threw them out,

then quickly slammed the door!


Today I have a new excuse

to tell to Mrs. Nogg,

but I doubt that she’ll believe me….

my homework ate my dog!

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