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Every Wednesday Night

As I urge

my hefty frame up

and down the court, I reflect

on days long passed…

…days when I would effortlessly glide

around the hardwood.

With perfect anticipation

I would intercept the lazy pass.

With a burst of energy, erupt

swiftly into the open court. Precision.

A simple leap. Gracefully

floating as I would gently guide

the ball off the backboard into

the satisfying swish

of the net.

But now,

as I watch this lazy pass

reach it’s destination successfully.

I realize my talents are buried

deep, trapped, desperately trying to escape

from the crushing weight

that holds them


My burst of energy

is busy trying to catch its breath.

My precision dribble just

bounced off my foot.

My leap is anything but simple

and my gentle guidance

just clanged one off the backboard.

Fast break?

No thanks. I like my breaks

nice and slow.


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