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No Longer Cold

A tickle in the inner ear.

A slightly scratchy throat.

An ever-ready stench of fear

Has dug a deeper moat.


A smile gone, day covers tracks,

Hardness waxes strong.

What happened now was yesterday,

The present presses on.










Curtains slowly whistling

An unfamiliar tune

Shift momentum elsewhere.

The wait is never soon.


The stairs are telling stories.

The furnace too can speak.

Don't underestimate them,

Your secrets they will leak.


Justice slow to action

Has finally broken through.

The silence never uttered

Points quietly to you.


Fleeing from a scary mind

Is your task from ever on,

The clouded person behind your eyes

Cannot imagine dawn


Your agony if any

Is invisible to us.

Life is there for all to grasp,

Emptiness you clutch.


A glimmer in the darkest night

Are these that scrape the truth

From underneath a rock of lies,

Mockery refute.

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