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The Man Within

The outer shell smiles. Drawing people in. Giving warm hugs and friendly handshakes.

Look deep and behold the man within.

His true identity hidden behind the outward appearance. A man, that if the covering was stripped away, would not attract the many people that eagerly approach him.

Inside lurks the troubled brow of the man within.

A man tired.

A man desperate.

A man struggling to continue the charade.

But he does...

for others.

And they love what they see. They cannot see the man within.

And at the end of the day, behind closed doors, his outer shell falls.

There emerges the man within, drenched in sweat...... because it's hot in that blasted dinosaur suit!

He goes home to his family and they draw close.

The costume is tossed in the corner.

For they love not the outer shell.

They love the man.

The man within.

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