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The Bouncer

The teacher at the chalk board.

Each students in their spot.

Some of them are learning.

Most of them are not.

The teacher is determined

to teach the rowdy bunch.

They’re mindless, thoughtless hoodlums

who just came back from lunch.

The teacher’s face is trusting.

But her eyes have this to say:

“What do you trouble-makers

have in store for me today?”

The students smile rudely.

Indeed, they have it planned.

Each one conceals a bouncy ball

tucked firmly in their hand.

The teacher turns to transfer

some problems to the board.

That’s the signal! There they go!

The bouncy balls have soared!

The teacher quickly turns around

to face her daily doom.

She doesn’t even flinch much

as they bounce around the room.

My father told me many times

That teaching wasn’t fun.

He cautioned me “When you grow up,

don’t be a teacher, son.”

I knew as I sat looking on

that what he said was true.

Teaching is a lousy gig….

(My bouncy ball was blue)

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