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Underage (The Story of the BBs)

The glass bottle sits. Unharmed.

The gunfire quiets.

They are out of BB's.

Two teenage boys that are not quite ready to find a new hobby.

The tall one has a car. They travel in haste. K-Mart beckons.

They spot them instantly as they turn the corner. Aisle 17.

Round copper gems. Smiles.

"What?!" the tall one thunders. For a third time the cashier repeats himself.... "You must be 18 to buy ammunition"

"But they're BB's!" the tall one cries. "I bought a big game license here last week and you are telling me that I can't buy a box of BB's?!"

"That's right."

The bickering continues for several minutes.




Then it happens. The cashier blunders.

"Look, you'll either have to wait until you're 18 or get someone who is 18 to buy them for you"

The tall one calmly says "Hold that thought."

He turns and speedily walks away.

"Where are we going" inquires the second.

"To find someone who is 18" comes the quick reply.

The first man spotted well exceeds the requirement.

"Excuse me sir" the tall one says as he approaches the old man. "Will you buy us some BB's?"


"They won't let us buy BB's until we are 18, will you buy them for us, we'll give you the money."

His brow wrinkles. brief thought. "OK" he mumbles.

The three of them approach the cashier. The cashier sees them. He knows. He puts his head down and accepts defeat.

"I would like to buy some BB's" the old man grumbles, the two boys standing next to him.

With a roll of the eyes the cashier sheepishly announces the total.

The money is passed from the tall one, to the old man, to the cashier.

The second boy can't help but laugh.

The BB's are passed from the cashier, to the old man, to the tall one.

"Thanks Grandpa" the tall one mockingly adds as they head their separate ways.

The old man turns, straightens his frown and says "I'll see you at the family reunion"

The glass bottle shatters.

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