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The land was rugged, the surface dry

Rocks and debris had occupied space

Never acknowledged, always passed by

For what could grow in that place?

Then one day a stranger as walking his way

Stopped at this ground and observed

Thoughtfully looking passed outward display

Gave it the time it deserved

So bending a knee with weight on hand

He cared for this piece if earth

And each rock removed from the desolate land

Revealed to existence its worth

Searching much deeper than what lay in sight

Beneath the stone was a need

A need to be nurtured by day and by night

So there could be planted a seed

And in the heart of the soil was placed

A seed that was good and true

Carefully planted and warmly embraced

This old land had found something new

And as the soil was cared for and loved

The seed had a chance to sprout

With help from the caring sunshine above

Desire had overcome doubt

The seed was nurtured day by day

Results were beginning to show

More and more people stopped on their way

To labor and help the tree grow

And now the people look upward in awe

As they behold the beautiful tree

All because one man took what he saw

And helped it be what it could be

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