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My Friend, The Magic Blue Sand Dollar

My friend the blue sand dollar

Is a friend forever true

We've climbed the frosty mountains

And sailed the ocean blue

Every Sunday morning

We've walked the silver beach

We've found some golden treasures

And reached beyond our reach

We've spent some time discovering

The colors in the sky

Relaxing in a tire swing

Watching clouds go by

We've talked about our dreams

And shared our every thought

We've laughed and laughed for hours

We've done that stuff a lot

I thought I really knew my friend

Outside in and out

But the other day I learned something

I never knew about

My friend the blue sand dollar

Is magic it appears

He never ever told me

All these many years

"Why didn't you tell me?!"

I soon began to pout

"Come on magic sand dollar

We've got to try this out”

"I'd like a double burger

With caramel shake and fries"

My blue sand dollar winked

And it appeared before my eyes

"Cool!" I screamed in sheer delight

I just could not resist

I began asking for everything

On my biggest wishest list

A pair of wacky glasses,

A red Mr. T kite,

Dozens of chocolate oranges,

A flashing neon light,

A pig, some glue, a dragon,

A submarine, a tarp,

A bottomless jar of peanuts,

A pretty singing harp.

My toothbrush is gone forever

My bed now floats on air

There's a circus in my backyard

With a fire juggling bear

I've been so very busy

With all this fancy stuff

I love my blue sand dollar

I'll never get enough

He wants to walk the silver beach

Or sail the ocean blue

But now that there is magic

There's better stuff to do

I need the latest video games

A hover craft... and pie

He never ever told me

I don't understand why

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