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New Meaning

I wrote this poem when I was a teenager. It has new meaning for me now. I hope it means whatever it means to you and your future you... now.

Where is my friend?

I was floating down the river

I grabbed onto a tree

The tree gave me a sliver

And it grabbed a hold of me

I left the branch to shaking

The pain grabbed my hand

With calm enjoyment breaking

I grabbed onto the land

The land felt one sided

It helped the tree to grow

The love he felt, he hid it

And he slowly let me go

Where is my friend?

Why am I alone with these waves?

Where is my friend?

Why am I alone?

The sand slipped through my fingers

I couldn't hold the beach

The walls of rivers linger

The hope slipped out of reach

The rock was drowned with doubt

I couldn't grasp the stone

I wanted to get out

But I couldn't get out alone

The panic was endurant

Terror began to win

I grabbed onto the current

And it began to take me in

Where is my friend?

Why am I alone with these waves?

Where is my friend?

Why am I alone?

The water whirled around me

I felt my future die

Forces tried to drown me

I looked up to the sky

I realized this was not the end

I'd been doing this all wrong

I looked and there I saw my friend

He was there all along

I felt the cold and dark depart

The world became warm

I felt a mighty change of heart

And He grabbed my outstretched arm

There is my friend

I'm glad I'm not alone with these waves

There is my friend

I'll never be alone

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